Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lightroom side panels

Do you ever get that annoying little thing, that just bugs you so much that you just have to find the answer. The side panels in Lightroom gave me just that. I was clicking the hide arrow obviously to hide it, but it just kept popping back up. Well I found the fix! In this blog I'm going to share the fix and how I customise Lightroom. 

The "auto show & hide" panel as it’s called in Lightroom is default however sometimes I don't want this. When I have hidden the panel I don't want them to just keep popping up.

So here it is. If you right click on the hide arrow of the panel you want to affect, you get a pop-up menu. By default it is "auto hide & show". This is when you hover over the collapsed panel, it pops up and when you go off it diapers. There is an “auto hide” this is when you have to click on the collapsed panel to show, when you leave the panel it disappears. Next is "manual" witch is the one 90% of my panels are. Finally “Sync with opposite” which makes it do the same as the panel on the opposite side. 

By knowing this now I have been able to customise Lightroom so when I am doing a certain task Lightroom behaves in the ideal way for that task. Watch the video to find out exactly how I customise Lightroom.

Thanks for reading Ade Attwood