Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pringles grid spot and snoot

Pringles grid spot and snoot 
This is the Pringles light kit i made it has 3 grid spots and a snoot.

I was on the internet looking for a grid spot for a speedlight and came across a brilliant product that ticks all the boxes bar one the price, RPP £40 a little over my budget. After this i done some research and found a DIY alternative and added my own twist to make it more like the product i was going to purchase.

My grid spot is made out of two bits of a Pringles tube filled with two different size straws made interchangeable to give me three different size spots, i also got a separate Pringles tube to make the snoot 
The things you need 
2 Pringles tubes
Approximately 90 straws 40 big and 50 small this changes depending on the size of the straws
A cereal box

1 Cut all the straws to one inch peaces.

2 From the one Pringles tube cut two 30mm strips.

3 Glue all the straws inside the strips.

Once you have finished you will have the two different size grids.

4 Cut a 10mm strip of the Pringles tube.

5 Cut two 50mm strips of card out of the cereal box ( I know i have three i changed the design after i took the photo)

6 Rap the card around the small strip of Pringles tube and secure with tape then remove the Pringles strip.

7 Repeat the process and leave the Pringles strip approximately in the middle. 

8 Now all you need to do is put it together. The card sleeve with the strip inside goes on the speedlight with one grid inside. The second card sleeve goes on top, you can fit the other grid on top stacking them to give you the three combinations. 

To make the snoot simply cut the end off of the second Pringles tube and put in to the sleeve over the speedlight. 

I made this for a Nikon sb900 and a yongnuo yn560, you could adapt this to whatever speedligth you have, you can adapt the diameter of the straws and the length to change the size of the spot. I must worn you cutting the straws is very tedious i was lucky the masters snooker final was on to help me though it.

Thanks for reading @Ade_1