Saturday, 14 January 2012

Coin Drop

So this is my first blog post it took me a while to get the right shots. I was shooting coins being dropped in to water. The set up was pretty simple it was as the photo, all you can't see is a flash behind the background and after a fue shots i put a bag over the camera to stop splashes

I watched a fue videos on the subject and they all make it look so easy. Every one of them done it in the first few shots it took me a lot longer than that,. my first 10 frames were of still water 

For these shots i used f/11 which was properly not small enough next time i do this i will go for f/16  f/18 to get more of the splashes in focus. As i was splashing water everywhere i found the lens hood very useful for stoping the drops get on the lens 

for my last one and this is my favourite of all form this shoot.I was playing with a fue things frist i put a red gel on the flash behind the background, after a fue fail attempts i dropped a handfull of coins in to make the splash bigger and i think all the playing around worked 

Thank you for reading Ade