Monday, 30 January 2012

Grid Spot Portrait

Grid Spot Portrait 

Ever since I made my grid spots I have been dying to test them out, so I convinced my girlfriend to model for me and got searching on the internet for inspiration. Overall I’m happy with how they came out they didn’t take too long to edit which is always a bonus

I done four different lighting setups all including at least one of the grid spots. I chose the black background because I don’t have a good backdrop and that was the easiest background to achieve in the living room of our house.

The first setup I use an umbrella as the key light and grid spot was the hair light giving a glow to the hair. If I done this again I would move the hair light round to the back of the model, I don’t like the hot spot on the right of her head.


The second light setup was a silhouette shot achieved 
with two grid spots. My model gets bored very easily so I didn’t have much time to set up these lights, I love the idea of the shot and need to do some research on the lens flair. I definitely need the lights to have the same flair to get the cemetery in the image (that’s for another blog).

For the third setup I again used two grid spots. A grid spot it is very good at isolating what you want to light so I want for a split light with a moody face, and the second grid spot directly behind the model giving a complete rim light.

The last one I used one light with a grid spot. I put the light so it lit the one side of the models face, and cast a shadow of the model inside a spot of light. This took a bit of playing around as I wanted the shadow a similar size to the models head.

For the rest of the photos from the shoot cheek out the Flickr set. As we are all here for learning if you see anything you think that will make my photos better please leave some feedback.
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