Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fireworks part 2

If you haven't read my first firework blog I would suggest you read that HERE. At the weekend when I do 90%of my shooting I went to the churchdown fireworks which was the grand opening of the ponds which I have not yet gone to see in the day time. Anyway back on subject, on the whole it was a good display there were a lot of white fireworks which as a photographer isn't the best, they don't photograph well.

As for the shooting I found myself quickly going form f8 to f11 and going for a longer exposure. As a result I took in more ambient light, due to this I was able to capture some more detail in the shadows. Because I was shooting in raw I was able to slightly brighten the shadows and because of that I think it is a more interesting image.

The whole point of this was to keep shooting and trying to do something different than last time seeing how it plans out. In my last shoot I was able to bring out the foreground in one of my images, I liked the look of that and tried to make it better in this shoot. With the longer exposure I was able to pull the foreground with less noise. This is all working up to when, and there will be a when I get into the location with the awesome foreground which means I will then be able to execute the shot a lot better and hopefully get one of those killer images.

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