Monday, 29 October 2012

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Here in England we had a couple of weeks of very nice weather, which can only be described as our summer. As a result of this Em decided she wanted to go to Cotswold Wildlife Park, I thought grate it will be a good test for a backpack I just bought and a chance to get some nice shots of the animals. Some nice shots I did get along with some very blurry ones more to come about this later. All in all it was a very nice day it was very hot which is a luxury for us and I'm glad we decided to go out and do something.

This is the second time I have been shooting in a place like this, the same as anything, the more you do it the better you get, and this time round I'm a lot happier with the shots I come out with. My main gole when I got out of the car was to capture the animals so they looked as much in the wild as possible, I think that makes the images a lot stronger. Obviously that isn't always possible after all most of them are in cages no matter how unhappy the poor things may look.

This was a big aim on this trip isolating them from that zooie feel most of the time I was looking to the composition for this, moving around trying to get the best angle. Others I simply had to zoom in to crop out any unwanted
fences/cars/people out of the frame. I also tried blurring the background which nonly really worked on the smaller animals when I could get closer.
While we were walking though the maze of enclosures we found some very weired animals, well not what you think of when you describe a certain type of animal.


On the weekend that we went there just happened to be a bird show so we thought we would sit and watch and I would try and get some shots, boy was I wrong. I have massive admiration for the wildlife photographers who capture theses amazing creatures in flight, that was very difficult and I got lots of blurry out of focus shots. This is one area of photography that needs improvement, but that's for another day. Here are a couple of the best shots I got of the birds in the show.

Going around I was trying all of the photo techniques I have learnt. This image was taken with the 70-200 there was over 20 images stitched together, it gives a completely different field of view to using a wide angle lens. Using this technique got rid of a lot of things in the foreground that I didn't want in the shot

And of course it wouldn't be a day out without getting out the wide angel, the one lens that should come out of the bag a lot more than it dose.

Here are the rest of the images just click on one to flick through them all.