Sunday, 19 August 2012

Beach Tips

We all love going to the beach and me personally love to remember the moments by photographing my great days. However as much as we like the beach if were not careful our gear can rely hate it.

If you do a bit of research you will find out about the fogging of your lens and just be careful with your camera. here are a few of the best tips i can give after my experience of shooting at the beach.

First and you will probably find it everywhere but its just that important, be very careful changing your lenses. if its windy and the option i went for is to find out what lens i was going to shoot and not change it, this way there is no chance of getting anything inside.

Second get a blower and DO NOT use a lens cloth on the beach. If you get anything on the lens blow it off if that dose not work, leave it for the night in the morning give it a really good blow and the when all the grit is off then use a lens cloth. Leaving it overnight drys everything and makes it easier to blow off so you don't rub the grit in and scratch your glass.Just to add uv filters will help

Last and probably the hardest to explain leave your tripod legs down about 100mm for the night. after i finished shooting a couple of long exposures i packed up my tripod as you do. in the morning i found out i had loads of sand stuck on the legs and when i collapsed it it all went inside. My idea for stopping this is leaving the tripod legs down 100mm leave it over night and in the morning when all the sand is dry and a lot less sticky it will simply blow off 

Thanks for reading Ade_1